Modular Gabion Systems

Modular Gabion Systems is a division of the C. E. Shepherd Company a Houston, Texas based manufacturing company founded in 1957 by Charles E. Shepherd. From our beginnings as a manufacturer of navigational buoys, the focus at Shepherd has always been to produce high quality goods that can withstand the rigors of highly demanding environments and applications.

In 2007, C. E. Shepherd Company will celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Over the past half-century, we grown and changed but always we apply the lessons learned to new products. Though we no longer buoys, we applied our knowledge of corrosion resistance and plastics to the manufacture of fuse-bonded PVC powder coated wire mesh for marine applications, industrial cooling towers and, with the introduction of Modular Gabion Systems in 1990's, erosion control.

C. E. Shepherd Company is recognized worldwide as the supplier of choice for PVC coated and stainless cooling tower fill slat hangers, high performance cross flow fill slats and specialty cooling tower components. Our company manufactures a wide variety of welded and twisted wire mesh products, PVC powder coated, galvanized, or stainless steel. Our manufacturing facilities in Houston include our newest 14 acre plant which houses the integrated welding and coating operations, warehousing and distribution. The company is expanding into international markets and is well positioned to take on the expanding opportunities for its corrosion resistant products while continually applying improved material and manufacturing technology to our core product lines. For the Shepherd Company, innovative manufacturing is both a proud tradition and our course for the future.

To learn more about C. E. Shepherd Company, we invite to visit our Shepherd website.