Lago Ilopango Channel project in El Salvador

Project Name: "Desague de Lago Ilopango"
Location: Lago Ilopango, El Salvador.
Project Owner: Ministerio de Obras Publicas (MOP) - Ministry of Public Works - El Salvador.
Contractor: H. Barrientos Arquitectos, S.A. de C.V. - San Salvador
El Salvador Distributor:I & V Ingenieros - Pedro Jaime Iglesias A. - San Salvador
Project Dates: Installation of Gabions/Mattresses began on July 13, 2006

This Lake Ilopango (Lago Ilopango) project is located about 50 miles east of San Salvador, the capital city of the country of El Salvador in Central America.
"Lago Ilopango" was formed eons ago when a volcano standing in the same area exploded and its crater collapsed. Basically, Lago Ilopango is the old crater of an extinct volcano.
As a crater, the lake is surrounded by hills and mountains which formed the crater's rim, except on the East side of the lake where the hills have left an opening. During the rainy season, May trough November, the lake fills up with water which drains through this opening and floods homes and farmland along the way.
The scope of the project is to direct the flood water into a controlled outflow channel which discharges into an existing river. The project includes Gabion walls and Gabion Mattress revetments. All Gabion material is galvanized and PVC coated. The "Roll-Stock" construction option is being utilized for both walls and revetments. A section of the channel is enclosed into a 4.11 meter diameter corrugated steel pipe, supplied by Contech through Pedro Jaime Iglesias, designed to carry 25 M3 of water per second.
The current required Gabion material count includes about 10,750 M3 of walls and 54,063 M2 of 0.23 meter (9") thick mattress revetments.